About Us

Hi there. We are SIP. Great to meet you.

Here's a bit about us:

SIP was launched in 2021 in Reading UK. We are an growing speciality coffee business and believe in the finer things in life.

All of our incredible coffee is selected with care and sourced from microlots and small scale ethical farms from around the world. When our beans arrive in the UK, they are sample roasted and tasted meticulously to discover what grade of roasting is best for that bean. Once a roast is finally decided upon, those beans are then contract roasted exquisitely. 

Founders of SIP

Tom & Hannah Rogers both studied BAHons Fine Art at university together in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK - which is incidentally where they both discovered speciality coffee. They got married in 2014, bought a flat in central Reading and lived above a local coffee guru - big up ya Phil Carter. In 2019 they moved to a house in West Reading, adopted a cat, became foster parents and bought six chickens. In 2020 Lockdown happened. In 2021 they founded SIP. Tom and Hannah both love speciality coffee. Tom's favourite coffee at the moment is our Colombian Codelhonin whereas Hannah is partial to our amazing Colombian Decaf. They hope you love SIP's coffee as much as they do and stick around with us as SIP grows, explores, experiments with more beans, and releases more products.

Thank you for reading

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.