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Personal Subscription Plans

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If you are barking mad about good coffee and don't like the idea of waking up to an empty coffee cupboard then look no further.

Maybe think about starting up a SIP subscription (or SIPscription). Subscribing with us also means that you're saving a minimum of 50p per bag of coffee that you buy - so it's definitely cheaper for you in the long run. 

The coffee on offer in our general Subscription plan right now includes:
- Mogiana Brazil
- Seasonal Blend 
- Codelhonin Colombia
- Ermera Leste
- Limited Edition Washed Malawi - only available to subscription customers

You can select how frequently you'd like to receive one of our 250g bags of coffee (on rotation), ranging from 1 bag per month, all the way through to 1 bag per week. The choice is yours. 

We are going to be adding more amazing coffee to our rotation in the near future, so the prices might fluctuate depending on the coffees in the rotation, but we'll let you know about that in advance. 

Being part of our subscription will also save you 50p on delivery per order